Zacuto Stinger ( Z-STG )

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Фото  Zacuto Stinger ( Z-STG )Фото  Zacuto Stinger ( Z-STG )Фото  Zacuto Stinger ( Z-STG )Фото  Zacuto Stinger ( Z-STG )Фото  Zacuto Stinger ( Z-STG )
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Zacuto Stinger (оригинальный текст)

Our Stinger rig is our solution to DSLR shoulder mounted shooting with an EVF or small on-board monitor. The Stinger includes all black rods. This rig uses our height adjustable DSLR Baseplate to mount to any DSLR and tripod. The baseplate attaches to your tripod using the standard tripod plate screws; (2) 1/4 20" and (1) 3/8 16". You can also easily quick release your camera from the rig by turning the red knob on the baseplate and pulling up on your camera. This cool feature allows you to quickly switch between using the camera on its own or as part of your rig.

This system includes our shoulder pad and Z-Lite 7 lb counterbalance weight for a fully balanced in-line rig. The more balanced the rig, the less front heaviness and arm fatigue. You can slide the counterbalance weight forward and backward on the rods for custom comfort. This rig can be used on your left or right shoulder. With the shoulder pad and counterbalance weight coming directly off of the back of the baseplate, the rig is perfectly in-line and ready to be used with one of our EVFs or an on-board monitor for traditional ENG style shooting. You can mount your EVF or monitor to the side of the rig using our EVF Standard Mount Kit or EVF Tri Mount Kit. These kits attach to the side of the DSLR Baseplate included with the Stinger and allow you to have your eye positioned comfortably in front of the EVF or monitor. This rig comes with our DSLR Handle, great for low mode shooting and easy carrying. 

The Stinger also includes our Z-Focus follow focus and ZipGear Prime Lens Kit (set of 4 lens gears) so you can achieve precise and accurate focus with your DSLR. The .8 pitch ZipGear Universal fits one lens by cutting the strand to fit your lens and connecting the strand using the included housing unit and allen key. The follow focus then slides onto the rods and makes contact with the ZipGear allowing you to pull focus. If you are using more than one lens, you must purchase additional ZipGears for each lens. 

This kit is compatible with any 15mm lightweight accessories.


Комплект поставки:

DSLR Baseplate with black 3.5" rods
Shoulder Pad with Black 7" Rods
Black 3.5" Rods
Black 7" Rods
Zgrips V3
ZipGear Prime Lens Kit
Z-Lite Double
DSLR Handle

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